take note!

i had a great memory. emphasis on the HAD... my last set of twins sucked it out of me at their birth. thank you easton & adler! it's a good thing you're cute:)
{designed for my aunt. celebrating a b-day after extensive chemo. you go girl!}
plus if you're like me, i have a gazillion things running thru my head...my kids, house, husband, business, family, school, things we need, me, things we need to do, design ideas, projects, etc. etc. etc.

so i write notes. make lists. 
{a client asked for the calling card birds on a notepad and i obligued}
as the holiday season approaches, i'll be working on new notepad designs. until then you can find my other notepads here
*see a design you like on one of my invites or personalized stationery and want it in on a notepad.

just ask. 
you will receive.
i'm magic like that!


Heidi said...

Love the note pads! I had a few customers ask if they could have coordinating note pads with their stationery and wanted to offer it, but didn't know how to go about it. What do you do? Send out to a printer or make by hand?

Stelie Designs said...

thanks heidi! i do them all by myself.


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