and the WINNER is.....

it's been 4 years and this "2" stage is coming back in double time again. the stage where tantrums are rampant. the stage where i am no longer able to do anything for more than 2 minutes without  "mommy come"  "mommy bird" "mommy ad-laaah _____" "mommy choo choo" "mommy eastees_____" "mommy!" "mommy!" "mommy!"

hence the reason, i am behind. 
these little cuties
came in the room just in time for this...

 congratulations emily!!!
and then...
someone decided she had to follow in her big sister's footsteps.
i thought of course there has to be 2 winners!
(2 winners makes up for my lateness right?... RIGHT??)
now back to adler. (who along with her brother are 23 months today)

congratulations kingdom kards!!!

winners, email me steliedesigns@yahoo.com

if you didn't win and are dying for a set of these birdie calling cards, you can get them here.
i have more things i'm planning to give away.
stay tuned and keep coming back.

1 comment:

KingdomKards said...

Hurrah! and thank you!!! I am so excited to receive these calling cards! I just love your work. Your children are gorgeous! What a sweet way to announce the winners. I am glad that you decided to pick 2!


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