{*crazy like having a tiger walk right in front of my kids}
man this going down to 3 days a week with childcare thing is challenging.  my little ones are almost 2 and becoming busier, more active and more daring as the days pass. which means one eye on them while trying to read/answer emails and convos.  here is a quick run down of happenings since my last post.

thursday - the little ones & i stood with my big ones at the bus stop. waved goodbye. when we arrived in our garage to go inside the house, my little ones had other plans, they wanted to go for a walk & climbed in the baby jogger.  we walked to a local coffee shop as the rain clouds kept nearing, we ordered & headed back home, after a couple blocks, i realized i left my coffee on the table since i needed both hands to get the stroller & i out the door since the handful of patrons didn't offer assistance.  headed back. one child now sleeping. we walked a different way home since i didn't want to pass by people a 4th time. 2nd child now sleeping. uh oh. nap time is supposed to be my work time. i was able to transfer them to their crib for a little bit of email catch up.  headed off to school for my kids kindergarten celebration. their amazing teacher put together a slideshow with music & a year in review with photos. kids performed, refreshments were had & i had to choke back tears a few times for my kids are growing up too fast for me.

friday - after 3 hours of sleep (work & non sleeping children) lots of coffee to get moving then garage sale set up mania. quick package up orders + head to post office before it closes.

saturday - city wide garage sale day. opened doors at 7 an hour early since paxton had been asking for over and hour can we open yet?   we closed early because all the big & good stuff was gone. the rest was picked up today for donation.

sunday - i sang the song "all by myself" in the car as i was driving all alone to do some shopping alone. drove home alone in the pouring rain. did i mention i was alone.  packed up the gang then drove 35 minutes toward the areas where the radio was instructing to take cover for tornadoes for a 3rd b-day party. (thankfully we were still a bit south of the areas they touched down in minneapolis. my thoughts go out to those who weren't as lucky.) sunday night after the 4 cake and ice cream filled kids were asleep, i filled orders & drew.

monday - 4 kids coming of their sugar high, homework, playdate, & swim lessons.

tuesday - miss bus, drop big kids at school, back home pack up head north for a dr. appt.  (reminder: we moved to a small town but kept our doctors which are now38 miles away and becomes a day trip which always includes stopping at my favorite super target) stocked up on grammy sammys, back home, pick up big kids from school. dinner. walk. feed geese & gosslings. bedtime. fill orders.

today - my mom's here.  yea!!

now, aren't you glad you are all caught up?! wait don't answer that.

*taken at the zoo the weekend before but this post needed a photo

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