i'm still here. if you follow me on facebook or twitter...(if not, i'd love it if you did.) then you know i have 3 sick children and am without daycare this week.  typically when my little ones are napping, i'm in the office. except when they are sick, napping doesn't necessarily happen or my little guy is napping on me and then i end up with typos, etc.

so anyway, i am here and will be posting new & recent stuff soon, along with my big kids b-day celebration and family updates. bear with me.  (speaking of bear...i drew a cute little bear for a client)

also come next week, i'll be starting a new work schedule more details on that when i can.

here's a pic of my 4 at my desk playing pbskids. 
you can also see my office is a disaster since stelie's been so busy this year. :: use my little time to clean or to design? clearly i choose design.  which would you choose?

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emandbee said...

Love it! Thats too cute. Funny your desk looks like mine with the papers all over.


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