guest book!

there are so many cool wedding guest book ideas out there.  8 years ago, my guestbook was a tad untraditional and fun at that time.  we did the izone sticky photos, where a photo was taken, then stuck in to a scrapbook along with a handwritten message from each guest. 

recently i worked on a super fun and unique guestbook project.  My client came to me with a phrase "Today was a good day" & a background design found on her invites.  She wanted enough room for guests to sign and will eventually matte & frame.
i mean how perfect is "today was a good day" to describe two people in love uniting in marriage?


Kimberly said...

That is such a great idea and a beautiful design too! I've been designing some different guest books too. I work with a photographer and so we take photos from their shoot and layout 1-3 photos per page and leave the rest of the space open. So in the end they end up having a mini album with signatures. My guestbook was very similar to yours. We set up a polaroid camera and everyone took their own photos and left us messages. :)

Stelie Designs said...

Oh Kimberly that is a cool, special and such a personal idea to be doing.

Gotta love those polaroids!


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