hello marlowe!

do you ever have something jumping around in your brain and you just can't move on until it's out? no? well...just me then.

i've been thinking about beach weddings for a long time. i've wanted to create a new design with a beach wedding in mind.  not necessarily beach in the literal sense.  so i pulled out my trusty old sketch book for ideas but nothing was striking my fancy at that moment.

days. weeks. okay months passed and then it hit me water = blue / sand = tan!  so i took a design i've been wanting to use. played with beach colors. played with the layout and pattern and voila!

marlowe was born.
this ultra modern. ultra soft. ultra fun invite. is perfect for that beach wedding.  or change the colors and it can be perfect for any wedding.  the ovals are a play on my circles which represent unity & never ending the way love and marriage should be.

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