my little fun project ~ part 1

let's just say. i am so thankful for my busiest holiday season to date! i am so thankful & thrilled my business is thriving.  now with that said. being just me and no employees (although blessed with help from my mom & husband)

it means i'm working days and nights, weekdays and weekends for almost 2 months.  which is fine except when one week before Paxton & Avery's school holiday party, i realize i haven't thought about their gift to their classmates.  {at their halloween party, when kids were handing out something to their classmates, my two little sweethearts with a touch of sadness turn to me and ask "mommy? do we have something to handout?" me "umm...no, sweethearts not this time." thankfully they were fine with my forgetfullness. i'm new at this whole school thing.}

one week before we had one child with strep + one baby with a rash + another child not feeling well + all 4 with colds + snowstorms.  since, i wasn't feeling very creative and posted for ideas on fb and to my etsygreetings group.  i got such fantastic ideas. but settled on making capsters. well, needless to say i didn't make the 1+ hour trip to michaels during the week and decided to take it on to our trip to my niece's 3rd b-day party.  you know to save gas, the environment, time.  or because i worked during the day and wanted to sleep at night in between kids/babies waking. 

saturday arrived and it was clear we were home bound again. adlers cough wasn't better + easton was croupy + avery's cold worse + my turn to succomb to get their germs. instead of eating cake and celebrating lyla's 3rd b-day, we played games, chutes and ladders, memory, crazy 8's, etc.  i was thinking when am i going to make it to michaels and have time for us to actually make these capsters? i needed a new plan. what can i do with stuff i already have? i was thinking of making coloring sheet with my artwork but wasn't sold on the idea. {my husband wanted to know why i can't be just like everyone else and go buy candy or candycanes and be done. cuz, i'm not like everyone else, i never have been, it wouldn't be me then!}

sunday while i was waiting for my antibiotics to be filled at our local coburns grocery store {i have a bad ear infection & ruptured ear drum} i saw a giant box of crayons and thought i could divide them up and each kid could get those with the coloring sheets. but still not loving the idea. then the memory game popped in my head. i can make one. so i did. 

stay tuned for more details on how i did it and how it turned out.

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