New Girl Designs

remember how i love a design challenge?
{if you know me or follow me then you do. if not, you know now.} 
now where was i...oh right..so i love a design challenge, especially the ones that are out of my comfort zone and push the envelope.
for instance, i was asked for more girly designs.

what's that?!?
while i loved dolls and barbies when i was young, i was never a girly girl.  i remember saying to my mom "that's too girly"
avery {my oldest daughter} is NOT girly. we don't do princess, dance, barbie, you know...girly stuff. she is my animal lover. we do all things animal. {hence, all of my animal designs}

back to loving a design challenge. i put on my girly thinking cap and have so far have come up with the following...

{ballet dancer ~ shown on large notepad}

{princess castle ~ shown on stationery}

{princess crown  ~ shown on stationery}
there are more drawn and will be drawing some princesses in the next week or so.  these aren't yet listed. want them. contact me ~ steliedesigns@yahoo.com.

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