:: easton woke me up at 3:30 (never went back to sleep)
:: the sun is shining so bright + its a beautiful day.

:: paxton told me to stay inside with the babies instead of coming to the bus stop.

:: the babies and i watched avery&paxton (along with my parents) wait for the bus from the upstairs playroom window 

:: easton & adler were more excited to be playing with all the big kid toys than to watch the kids/bus out the window.

:: i watched cried while my kids got on the bus for the first time and drove away.

:: i am extra proud of my big kids

:: i watched my babies dance a new dance

:: i ate cake for a late morning snack

:: i am cutting. packaging. designing. printing.

:: i turned another year older. {but still feel too young to be a mom. a mom to 4}

:: i am excited to see my kids get off the bus and to hear all about it.

:: i can't wait to see paxton & avery's face when they get to eat a piece of cake before dinner.

:: i am looking forward to dinner with my family.

:: i am truly blessed


Kris said...

what a beautiful post.

Stelie Designs said...

awwwe thank you.

Stephanie said...

happy birthday!- if I read correctly :)

Stelie Designs said...

yes, stephanie you read it correctly. thank you for the b-day wishes.

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