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REPOST :: originally title Happy Earth Day! 4.22.09

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I couldn't ask for a better day today to celebrate the Earth. The sun is shining brightly, my hasta's are popping up, the grass is getting green and spring is finally really here.

Stelie Designs thinks about our planet earth and the environment all the time. I use 100% post consumer recycled white and natural papers & envelopes. They are made from a company that is FSC certified, works to be carbon neutral, processes chlorine free, and uses solar, hydro, and wind power at their mills.

My printer doesn't emmit off gases, the ink uses very little packaging which is then recycled. I use biodegrable cello sleeves and recycle all scraps, paper, etc.

On the home front, I use homemade cleaning and laundry products, recycle, wash full loads of laundry on cold wash cycle, paint as much as I can with low or no VOC paints, reuse what I can, buy organic and local when possible, teach my kids to turn off the lights and to not waste water.

While there is so much more I would like to do, right now I am happy knowing I'm on the right track to helping my kids and grandkids grow up in a healthy environment on our wonderful planet earth.

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