the past few weeks or months have been busy. crazy busy.  business and personally.

steliewise. thank you to all my clients for making my business a growing success.  
with increased orders come...
longer production times [affecting new clients]
little time to design new products. unless custom orders.
loving weddings even more

personally. my nephews are staying with my parents most of july. meaning we want to spend lots of time with them and less days of daycare for me.  and wanting more time with my kids before kindergarten starts.  plus. they are such a joy to be around.
meaning late nights. early mornings. lots of coffee.
plus we're moving. [post coming soon] with that comes designing a new kitchen. selecting paint colors. packing. getting our house ready for the market. moving. unpacking.

therefore my blog posts will probably be...
more photos than text. or maybe not.
more kid related. {photographing, downloading, editing, takes time}
more house/design related.

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