craft project

there are so many beautiful flag banners on etsy and i wished i had been on the ball and ordered one in time for the babies birthday party.  so a couple days before their actual party, i took these fabrics {scraps i had and others from my mom}

the night before their party, i made a triangle template, cut them out of fabric, layed them out on the table to see what order i liked best, then my husband asked what i was doing. i told him.
his response "YOURE GOING TO SEW THEM!"
my response "yes"
him silence and went to get dig out the sewing machine.
we've been together 8.5 years and in that time i have sewn ZERO times but i used to sew pillows and curtains for my dollhouse when i was younger!  Then I realized I didn't have any banding ribbon like i thought. 
I called my mom (the seamstress) she said she'd bring some in the morning. 
A few hours before the party, my mom arrived with different options for me. 
I chose and she sewed. 
thanks mom, it looks beautiful. don't you think?

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