Hi Again!

It's been a while since my last post, I don't even know where to begin. Hmm...how have I been keeping busy...besides taking care of P&A...It's E&B invite production time, 230 of those beauty's all by hand, moving cards, valentines, and selling our pool table & artwork.

Now that the kids toys keep getting larger, the playroom/former dining room is not able to hold them all. Therefore, the basement is getting a make-over, meaning, the not so much played pool table had to go. Then the walls were full of wine/bar themed artwork. Not really appropriate for children's play area.

All went on craigslist and were sold in less than a week. I LOVE craigslist! I've only sold, but have had great luck. The guy that bought our pool table even sent me a note saying how he'd already played it and was loving it. The woman who bought our art was re-doing their basement and had bought a pool table and this art was going to be perfect. Funny how cyclical life can be. I spent part of today moving toys and furniture around between P&A's room, playroom, and basement family room. I'll post photos once it's more complete. I plan on framing the kids artwork.

I will also post a few new Stelie Design items shortly.

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Honduras Sprout said...

I *heart* Criagslist too! I miss it is more like it.


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