The Eyes Have It!

It's been a while since I've posted anything about P&A, it's not because they haven't done anything adorable or note worthy (that is daily.) It's because their mommy has been too busy to post it.

So this is for those who want to hear about them. Recently, we have been discussing eye color. Paxton has blue eyes, Avery has hazel (sometimes brown) eyes, she prefers to refer to them as dark eyes. They are big into matching things and noting like things. So P says "mommy has blue eyes like me." "Grandma & papa have blue eyes like me." A says "daddy has dark eyes like me." "Grandma Karen has dark eyes like me." Yes, but in reality A doesn't have her dad's eyes she has her grandma karen's eye color. Which in turn came from her dad, so I guess she's right.

Last week was a really big week for P&A, Monday they got to have their first sleep over at grandma & papa's without mommy. I survived.

For those who aren't aware, there has only been one night P & I have slept in different locations and 2 nights for A & I. Paxton's first night of life, was spent away from me (but with his daddy & grandma) in a different hospital. Avery's was 13 months ago when I stayed with P while he was in the hospital. Prior to my 4th month of pregnancy, I traveled a lot for work. When I returned from maternity leave to a new position, it didn't entail travel. My husband and I waited long for kids we weren't sure we'd get, that we always took them with us.

I must admit I got teary eyed in the evening when I had finished up in the office to await a clients arrival. Plus, my husband wasn't home yet and it was the time of evening where we would usually engage in chasing. P or A will say "chase me mommy." We run through the house and there is lots of screaming and laughter not the silence that was in that moment. What can I say, I spent 32 years without kids so I LOVE to spend time it with them now. Plus, all too soon, a time will come when they won't want to spend it with me so I must enjoy it while I can.

Then on Thursday P&A started a parent/child tumbling class. A was a brave soul, she let the teacher, Mr. Ian, demonstrate a stretching exercise on her. P was fine but had reservations about the teachers. P practically ran across the balance beam. A loved the small trampoline. We'll see if they still want to go back.


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