A baby in my tummy

Now that I got your attention!!! I've been asking the kids what are you going to ask Santa for Christmas. Some days it's cars, cows, trains, guitar, then blue car. I said Paxton, I thought you were going to ask Santa for a tractor? "Yeah, I want a tractor" (whew, I already have the one he asked about for ever after he saw it) Then I said "Avery don't you want a baby?" (She LOVES to play house with her baby dolls and I already have an infant car seat as a xmas gift) She said "Yes, I want a baby. A baby in my tummy!" As she was patting her tummy, I laughed and said yes someday when you are older, much, much older, I hope you have a baby in your tummy. Her Auntie Summer and Aunt Julie each have a baby in their tummy so she did too.

Then Paxton said he wanted a baby in his tummy too! Poor guy, he looked like he was going to cry when I said, boys don't have babies in their tummy, they just get to raise them.

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