Trick or Treating

Trick or Treating was so fun last night. We had practice at the zoo on Saturday, Avery was a natural, Paxton was a little reluctant. So we practiced saying trick or treat all halloween day in preparation for the real thing. We typically hit only 3-4 of our neighbors. We started out and of course the 1st house no one was home. Then we went to another, A was great, P was reluctant by the 4th he was getting into it. I said "you're doing great Paxton!!" so he would say "Mommy, I doin' great!" after each house. It was so cute. I think they turned into pros. We ended up going to a total of 10 houses (2 weren't home). I carried my camera with me the whole time and forgot to take a photo. Here is one of them from the earlier zoo excursion.We ended up with 2 pumpkins full of candy that they can't eat. So they would pull out a candy bar or something, we'd say you can have it when you're bigger. Paxton was totally into taking out a piece of candy, show us, and say "I can have this when I'm bigger." So funny. He did the same thing tonight too when he was on the counter helping me make dinner and daddy had just put all the candy in a bowl.

That's right, I'm probably one of the only mom's in the world who doesn't let her kids have candy, they rarely get cookies unless they are all natural, they don't really get chocolate, and they can no longer have red licorice (we've found red #40 makes them very cranky and extra whiney.)
Sadly the 2 pumpkins Jeremy carved were smashed in the street shortly after we returned from our candy adventure, while the 2 I carved were safe. I carved both of the kids' pumpkins. I can't remember the last time I carved a pumpkin. The kids picked out the shapes for eyes and nose, then A wanted her's to have teeth, P wanted his to have a tongue. Here's a glimpse of their pumpkins on the 30th.

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