Organized Chaos!

Last night while working in my office, my husband asked "do you know where anything is in here?" (meaning it's a mess) I said "yes." Then he proceeded to quiz me on a few items, I passed of course. My office has always been a sort of organized chaos, whether it was in or out of the home. When I would find some down time and cleaned it completely, I could never find anything quickly. Anyone else like that?

Here is a pic I took earlier today. I am a bit embarrassed to show it, because, it is through the laundry room so it's my little oasis that I would close the door on if I had one, or would be clean if I knew you were coming over. My home office is a small room in the basement. I only have a couple more days to finish projects for my card party, so it's easier to leave it out than put it all away. Right?

Speaking of offices, my kids have created a small space behind their door which they call "my office." It's really adorable how excited they get. What's most interesting is how they keep their office. I took these pics today. See any similarities?

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Honduras Sprout said...

I have always, always lived in organized chaos. I'm completely the same.


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