Why a Blog?

I love to read blogs and am fascinated with reading people's thoughts, events, and creative ideas. As one of the last people to have a blog, I hope you find it interesting and/or informational Being the mom of 2 1/2 year old boy/girl twins, I always have funny stories that I want to cherish. Someday when my kids are grown they will be able to see what our life was like at this time.

I am a Designer who quit corporate life in late May, and am finding that I love, love, love being home full-time with my babes. However, my babes only pay in kisses and hugs, so to help out financially, I decided to resurect my cards and invitation business, Stelie Designs, back from a friends and family only to a growing business again.

Stelie Designs was created in 2000 with myself and a good friend, when I left a Design Firm, and she left corporate retail. Stelie is our names Stephanie & Julie combined. Now after 7 years and 5 kids, I am going it alone at least for now. Stelie has a new logo and marketing information.Not only is there Stelie Designs cards and invitations, I created a new division, Stelie Designs Creative Design Services. This is for small business Interior Design, concept planning, visual merchandising, etc. It also entails residential staging.
Now if you ventured upon this blog, you'll be able to follow my progress, in business and in home.

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