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WOW!  I was looking back and noticed, I blogged 5 times since November and looking back farther, I noticed, I didn't blog much the entire 2013!  Clearly blogging was put on the back burner, something I like to do, but not the top of my list.   I was looking to free up time to continue growing my business and blogging kind of fell off.  I'm still looking for ways to grow Stelie Designs, come this fall, I will have all kids in school full time. (bittersweet)

In an effort to bring designing back to the forefront, I needed to either 1. hire someone or 2. outsource something.   Something I mentioned in this post almost 2 years ago, but wasn't quite ready probably because I hadn't found the one was outsourcing printing.   Well...the day has come, instead of hiring someone to print and cut in my office, I am hiring a small local (30 minute drive) printing company to print and cut.  They were recommended to me.  I decided to try them out, I had them do samples along with my holiday cards and knowing I work with an actual person, get to review proofs, and am thrilled with the printed product, I am currently reworking my pricing and updating the paper offerings. Woot! Woot!

I will continue to design, corner, and package all orders but feel this is finally the right direction to free up time for marketing, social media, creating new designs, graphic design work, photographing, updating listing, blogging, etc.

Thank you for sharing this amazing journey of small business ownership.

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