17 months ago today looked like this and got these!

mr. easton loves horses, animals, big kids toys. he's a tv lover:(  he loves to point. read books. talks when he feels like it. loves to stack things.  loves to pretend he's sleeping then wake up with "Ahhhh" he loves to play red light green light, hide n seek. peek aboo.  he's great at shaking his head "no" and meaning it. such a little love. has the biggest smile. starting to look and act more like a little boy than a baby:(

miss adler loves dolls, stuffed animals, books. she has the greatest laugh. she loves to sit in your lap. to snuggle. she is a great listener and follows direction. she talks a lot. her favorite new word is "horse" or "orse" as she says.  loves to play hid n seek. she loves to play on the computer with avery. she is a little ham. she walks around with wipes on her head (clean ones of course) or clothes on her head smiling. she loves to dance and move. she is such a little love. also acting more like a little girl than a baby:(
where has time gone?


Kimberly said...

Your babies are BEAUTIFUL!!!! Made me a little sad to see you say where has time gone because I feel the same way and my little boy will only be 8 months next week. I'm trying to enjoy every minute but I just see them slipping away so quickly and I just want to keep my baby forever. :(

Stelie Designs said...

thank you kimberly! i have a hard time believing i have kids in kindergarten, i feel like they were just babies yesterday. all you can do is enjoy and capture moments in your mind. these are our last children so it's bittersweet.


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