parts of my new home - kids bath

i love color. it's fun. bold. modern. [much like my designs]
on one of my daily many target trips [pre-move] i found these adorable fish.whale.starfish shower hooks in bold colors. [fun. but not too kiddish]  then i saw these brightly bold towels.  then the artwork in their old room flashed before my eyes. i knew this was it.
my fab mom painted the walls (along with 99% of all the other walls in my home) 'wheat bread' by behr.  this color is also on the majority of the main level walls.    each child has their own hook and towel color.
we removed the plastic coated decaying faucet and added this beaurtiful chrome danze faucet.  isn't she pretty.  hard to keep clean with kids but oh so fantastic and shiny when clean.  someday jer will make a new vanity. someday we'll put in new floors, new lighting, new mirror, new door knobs.   but for now it's good.

~ while i love my kids dearly, i must admit i'm excited to no longer share a bathroom with them.~ 

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