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if you follow me on facebook or twitter then you are already aware of some of this story.

3:20am last thursday morning i (who loves thunderstorms) was startled awake by the brightest bolt of lightning outside my bedroom window. a few seconds later followed by a huge boom of thunder which woke jer.  who looked outside and said someone got hit. turned around to find paxton & avery coming in scared. saying their light went out. after inspecting their room, we realized their fuze was blown. jer flipped it back on and all was good.  all 4 of us jumped back into our bed (queen size) to sleep. or rather listen/feel our 2 crazy sleepers roll around. 
6:00am i checked the office power, saw my my printer lights on and we went on with our crazy errand running day.
2:00pm i turned on my desktop computer to print mailing labels. to find. my computer wouldn't turn on. tried all sorts of things to no avail. then realized my monitor + external hard drive didn't work either.
3:00pm after freaking out & crying. i  drove it to a computer store in our little town for a rush diagnotic testing.
4:30pm my external hard drive (which, by the way, holds my life) was able to be fixed quickly. my monitor and computer not so much.
after hooking up our new desktop computer. found our internet was zapped as well.  holiday weekend. no one can fix until tuesday.  realized my brother (in az) has the disk needed to load all our programs. and that i'll need to download all my fonts again. hoping they will transfer from old computer but again not until tuesday. 
after more sweat and tears. i'm trying to relax and enjoy my holiday weekend. catch up on sleep. cuz this week is going to be a long one. many late. late. late nights working and getting kids off to their first days of school.
wish me luck this week goes smoother than last.

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